Many thanks to Chris Williams for the text and pictures on this page

Chris is the doyen of scale gliding in the UK –  prolific designer, builder and flyer of outstanding vintage models; long-time contributor to the model press of expert, stylish (and often hilarious) columns and articles;  photographer and videographer to professional standards. He is the discipline’s leading exponent and ambassador.

Scale soaring continues to enjoy great support in the UK, and although a good part of it takes place via aerotow from the flat, scale slope soaring is still actively pursued around the UK. The models flown are more or less evenly split between modern glass machines, either ARTF, or from sophisticated kits; and vintage wooden gliders, built either from scratch, or from a vast array of available plans. Traditional building methods still apply to the latter, with much use made of Balsa, Spruce & Ply.

Scale gliding has much to offer the budding scale pilot; thermal soaring, aerobatics, or just floating by at close quarters the better to enjoy the quiet spectacle of a flying machine in its natural element.

Contact Scale Soaring UK

The splendid Scale Soaring UK web site is the place to be to find out more and to contact the flyers: active forums, excellent articles, loads of plans available for download.

Schleicher ASW 22
Goppingen Wolf - 1/7 scale - they're not all enormous
Slingsby Peterl - 1/5 scale
Schweizer SGU-1 - 1/3 scale
Spalinger S25a - 1/3.5 scale
Slingsby Petrel - 1/4 scale