Who we are

GBSRA rep and BARCS rep are appointed by those ‘Specialist Bodies’. Everyone else is elected by BMFA members, normally for a two-year term.

Jon Edison (Chair)
Nick Jackson (PRO)
Alan Flockhart (Treasurer)
Greg Lewis
Peter Mitchell (BARCS Rep)
Nigel Witchalls (GBSRA Rep)
Peter Allen

Sadly, Mike Proctor has resigned as Secretary, and from the SFTC, for health reasons.

What we do

Terms of reference and reporting

SFTC is one of five BMFA ‘Technical Committees’ covering different areas of modelling. The terms of reference for Technical Committees are laid out in Appendix G of the BMFA Council Handbook (currently Issue 9, June 2018). Each Technical Committee has responsibility ‘for all matters within its specialisation’.  Our specialisation is taken to be all forms of r/c model gliding, including electric-launched.  Within this, there is particular emphasis on competitions and safety.

Reporting lines: the SFTC reports to Technical Council (which in turn reports to Full Council). The SFTC liaises with the Competition Secretary. Two Specialist Bodies report to, and are represented on, the SFTC:  Great Britain Slope Racing Association (covering mainly F3F flying); British Association of Radio Controlled Soarers (covering a range of soaring disciplines).


The SFTC handles recommendations for rule changes for BMFA classes; organises the SF Nationals; deals with team trials for GB teams at World and European Championships where these are not in practice organised by the relevant flyers themselves. (So, for the principal current competition classes, the SFTC organises F5J; the GBSRA organises F3F; relevant flyers organise F3K and F5B).

The SFTC recommends team managers; judges and processes funding for team travel.